Legacy Planning

What is a legacy plan?

Legacy planning involves financial security for you and the objects of your affection. It includes how you would like your belongings (not necessarily money) divided upon your death. Perhaps you would like to give your family members or friends this, and give your church or school that.

Legacy planning is a lot like estate planning. Legacy planning mainly states where you want your assets to go when you pass away and what type of legacy, or heritage, you want to leave behind. Estate planning is more in-depth as to how to leave you heirs with the most by paying the least in taxes, as well as the purchase of life insurance, and more.

Why do I need a legacy plan?

A legacy plan will provide your loved ones with a simple plan of what to do after you pass away. It is a simple thing you can provide for your family, to help them through your passing. Help remove some of the pain and burden from your heirs by providing them advice and instruction during their time of mourning.